Teachers use SchoolStatus to manage parent-school relationships from one app

In many districts, there is no standardized place for communications to happen and this makes it hard for teachers to communicate effectively with parents. SchoolStatus integrates all student data into a digital student card so teachers can access historical assessments, benchmark data, grades and attendance and share these specific details with parents.

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How Teachers use SchoolStatus

With SchoolStatus, Teachers get a single place to manage all their parent-school communications and all the student data in an easy to use app. That means that they have all the information they need to help build strong relationships with parents and keep students on the right track.

Automatic Data Integration

Get assessments, benchmarks, attendance, discipline, and parent communication records for your students with a single login.

Data and communication

No more comparing one record to another. Get data and communication insights for every student on the same screen. Side-by-side.

Communicate with Parents

No more sharing your personal phone number. Communicate with privacy and security through when calls, texts and emails from your computer or your cell phone.

Automated call logs

SchoolStatus keeps track of every conversation or attempt to connect is recorded without you having to write it down or keep track.

No parent app necessary

With SchoolStatus, calls and text go straight to parent’s phones. There’s no need for them to download an app so you reach every parent no matter what device they have.

100+ language translations

Not every parent speaks English confidently. SchoolStatus provides real-time translation so you don’t need to enlist a translator.

Platform Features for Teachers


Student Data Analytics

Integrates into your existing data platforms so you have comprehensive data on hand to understand the whole context of your student’s learning needs.


Parent Communication Logs

Our parent communication logs help keep you safe with archived access to call recordings, emails, and texts. All parent-teacher communication is stored within the same platform as your student data.

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What Teachers are saying about SchoolStatus

"I love that I’m able to see all of my student’s information in just a few clicks! This school year we added the ability to call and text through School Status and that was a game changer!! Parents no longer had my personal phone number but they were still able to contact through me through text."

Lindsay M, Teacher