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Support Educator Growth with SchoolStatus Boost

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By Russ Davis 2 min

As we continue our mission to improve student outcomes with industry-leading technology, we are excited to announce a new pillar of our platform: SchoolStatus Boost. 

SchoolStatus Boost (formerly TeachBoost Pro) is an educator growth platform that streamlines coaching and development with collaborative goal setting and transparent, centralized feedback. SchoolStatus Boost gives district leaders a way to foster a growth mindset in their district by engaging more closely with educators and facilitating stronger feedback cycles. 

Our goal at SchoolStatus is to create products that equip educators with data-driven tools that help them overcome challenges and create better outcomes for students. Expanding our products to include SchoolStatus Boost allows us to help districts support, empower, and retain educators as they develop their careers. 

SchoolStatus Boost helps turn feedback into action with a suite of coaching and observation features.

  • Transparent feedback conversations: Streamline communications with centralized feedback, observation notes, and automated follow-ups—all in one platform
  • Collaborative growth planning: Engage educators in the coaching and development process with dynamic goal-setting and performance tracking, to give them a voice in setting their career direction
  • Standardized process: Save time by coordinating coaching and observation across your entire district from one platform and view district performance data to identify challenges and give support where it’s needed most

Build your coaching program quickly — without compromising your district culture. SchoolStatus Boost makes it easier to implement effective coaching programs in K-12 districts. The platform is customizable and can be adapted to fit your district’s unique activities, framework, and terminology, so you can quickly and seamlessly integrate SchoolStatus Boost into your processes.  

SchoolStatus Boost joins our established suite of K-12 solutions alongside SchoolStatus Connect, which enables better school-home communication to help engage families and build communities, and SchoolStatus Attend, which reduces chronic absenteeism with data-driven interventions. 

Want to learn more about if SchoolStatus Boost is right for your district? Schedule a call with our team for a demo.

Headshot of Russ Davis.
Russ Davis


Hailing from a family of educators, Russ has always been motivated to help improve the public education system. At 19, Russ became the then-youngest school district Chief Information Officer in his home state of Mississippi. Russ went on to work in both public and private sectors, which gave him a clear view of the challenges school districts were facing—and what can be done to fix them. In 2010, he left public service and built the team and products that would eventually become SchoolStatus. Russ champions trust, reliance on expertise, and active listening, resulting in a thriving company that embodies these values.
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