How to make suggestions to your school leaders

Managing Up

In this week’s Episode of Class Dismissed, we focused on some tips about managing up. The term “managing up” refers to an employee taking steps to improve their boss’s efficiency and efficacy. 

For some, steering their supervisor in any direction may bring anxiety, but there is a way to do it without coming across as pushy.

We go over a few pointers to keep managing up from becoming a sticky situation.

Professional Development Reimagined

Our guest in today’s bright idea segment is an education thought leader who has spoken worldwide on the importance of social-emotional learning and the power of music education.

Nadine Levitt is also the Founder and CEO of Wurrly EDU and the PD Reimagined initiative.

PD Reimagined is born out of Nadine Levitt’s blog series Mind Your Business Ed!, in which she sat down with some of the best minds in business, sports, and entertainment. There, she realized that the drivers of success in each sector are entirely transferable to education.

Now, with PD Reimagined, she wants to invite those same thought leaders into the world of education to interrupt this momentum through inspiration, celebration, and support for our teachers!

Other Show Notes

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