Features of Video Chat

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Initiate Chat with One Click

From the Student Card, initiate Video Chat by clicking on the video icon the same way you would select a call, text, or email communication. 


No Parent App Required

The more hurdles you force your parents to jump over, the less chance you have to build relationships. Parents connect to video chat/meetings with one single link received via text. It's that simple.

Meeting Recording Available in SchoolStatus

Meeting Recording Available

Not only is the meeting logged in your communication history, but the recording itself can be accessed from the student card for compliance, reference, and to eliminate 'he said, she said' situations.

Call Log of Video Chat

Captured and Logged in History

Video chats and meetings are logged in both the student's and educator's communication history as well as in the engagement module alongside email, calls and texts.

More Features Coming Soon

Group Video Chat

Host Group Meetings

Ideal and efficient means of convening the individuals required for an IEP meeting, parent-teacher conference or other discussions with school and home.

Advanced Scheduling

Advanced Scheduling

All parent communication calls, texts and e-mails are attached to a student’s record and available for reference. Communication are easily stored and organized to empower superintendent's management of student data.

Takes Communication Between School and Home to New Levels

Host IEP meetings

Ideal for IEP meetings, parent-teacher conferences, and other education-focused meetings, Video Chat is automatically recorded and stored on the Student Card alongside student data and communication records.

Video Chat provides a platform for groups to communicate in real-time without the hassles of gathering everyone in the same location—time off work, child care, transportation—that can get in the way of the meeting itself.

  • Accomplish more when you pair the ease of a conference call with the ability to share files, show your screen, and text chat. 
  • Follow the conversation and understand who said what with the help of visual cues.
  • Increase trust and strengthen relationships with parents through face-to-face conversations. 
  • Access the Video Chat recording from the Student Card for compliance, professional development, and future reference.
Introducing Video Chat from SchoolStatus

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