10 Reasons SchoolStatus Handles Data Better Than a SIS Alone

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Student information systems have grown over the years to include things like custom dashboards, parent portals, and human resource management. Where many fall short is integrating data from disparate sources and making data available to every educator who needs it.

SchoolStatus is the data solution that integrates everything from benchmarks to ACT to state assessments and of course student information systems. The solution provides scoped access to everyone from superintendents to classroom teachers–and that’s just the start.

Read on for 10 reasons why SchoolStatus is a data solution like no other on the market. 



SchoolStatus users access all their data packages from one log-in

“Everything is in one place...attendance, discipline, SpEd/EL status, the capability to create anecdotal notes on each student, data AND the ability to communicate with parents with a group message or individually. I'd choose it over Class Dojo or Remind over and over again.” 

-Tera Donaldson, Tuscaloosa County School System


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School districts have the ability to change vendors (benchmarks, SIS, etc) without losing data

“This program is super easy to use and has all the student information that I need. I love being able to look at past test scores, discipline, and well as have parent contact info at my fingertips.”

- Tessa Grammer, Baldwyn School District 



SchoolStatus users create custom dashboards from multiple data sources

“I love how easy it is to sort student data. I can easily tell which students need the most help and who is struggling.”

- Carol Houston, DeSoto County School District 

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SchoolStatus districts have access to an in-house Data Scientist 

“I am new to the district and was tasked with a SchoolStatus project. Nick Peterman and Joy Smithson are the absolute best to work with!!! They have made it so easy for me to do my job and communicate my ideas. I appreciate all of their hard work and time.”

- Larita Copprue, Jackson Public Schools 



Changing data packages doesn’t require learning new software for data analysis

“It is easy to use. It provides a lot of information without having to go thru multiple platforms. It prints out nicely. In 31 years of teaching, I have used multiple programs and this is by far the best.”

- Elaine Brewer, Senatobia Municipal School District



SchoolStatus districts use data faster. As soon as data is available, for example from your benchmarks or state assessments, the data is disseminated to each educator based on their needs

“It is fast, easy to use, and highly effective.”

- Bhawna Sharma, Kermit ISD



SchoolStatus teachers have access to data on their own! Scoped teacher access in SchoolStatus gives teachers the appropriate data for each student as soon as it’s available without any extra work to your data team.

“I recommended [SchoolStatus] to my current school when I first arrived 3 years ago. Teachers NEED access to the test data. The discipline & attendance is helpful as well.”

- Rebecca Richards, Lee County School District



In SchoolStatus, parent communication records (call recordings, text messages, and emails) become part of the student data profile

“I enjoyed using it to communicate with families, look up student/school data quickly, and the peace of mind in knowing that all responses are recorded. A great resource for educators.”

- Constance Johnson, Biloxi Public School District



Administrator access to parent communication records simplifies compliance and eases difficult situations. 

"All of the information is in one place. As an administrator, I can see the communication between my staff and parents. It decreases the time I spend solving complaints or other questions from parents when I can see "straight from the horse's mouth" what has been said."

- Benjamin White, Principal - Tuscaloosa School District



SchoolStatus customers spend more time using the data than unpacking the data.

“I love all the information that can be found quickly with just a "click" or two.  No going around the world to find something.  Love the graphs and other visuals.”

- Rona Blevins, Morgan County School District



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