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5 Ways School Communications Can Improve Fall Attendance

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The latest statistics about K-12 absenteeism hurt. 

The good news is that we can all take steps to change these trends by fostering school-connectedness, improving family engagement, and supporting long-term student success. 

The First Step: Improve School Communication 

One way to address these issues is to apply a system of consistent, coordinated communication between educators, students, and their families. 

An integrated school communication system gives school staff the tools to effectively reach out to families, whether en mass or individually; tracks attendance and analyzes related data; and provides easy-to-use templates to ease the burden on staff to create updates, mailers, and other communication from scratch.  

Applying this kind of school communication solution can have many positive effects. Here are just a few. 

Improve School Connectedness

In order to improve attendance rates, you need to ensure you have a supportive school climate. Studies show that students attend school more often when they feel they belong. The name for this is school-connectedness. 

We create school-connectedness when we show students their attendance matters to someone in the building. By regularly communicating with students and their families, we demonstrate that we care and open doors to engagement. 

Forge Relationships With Families

Students aren’t the only ones we need to engage with. Their families are instrumental in their development and school achievements. 

When students know their presence matters—and their families feel supported and included in their district’s community—they are more likely to come to school. 

Keeps Families In-the-Know 

Consistent school-home communication builds trust and enables families to better support what’s happening in school. Weekly updates with assignments, due dates, shout-outs for attendance, classroom and building reminders, and educator contact info go a long way. 

Provides Extra Support

Support families at home

Oftentimes, absenteeism and disengagement signal a lack of meaningful relationships between school and home adults.

Some families need an individualized approach to better support their child—and to welcome them into the school community. Two-way communication that is translatable and delivered via each person’s preferred channel builds a bridge that connects students’ experience from home to school.

Supports School Funding Efforts

District funding is often tied to average daily attendance (ADA). As chronic absenteeism increases, schools face greater financial challenges, creating a vicious cycle. 

The bottom line is that improving attendance isn’t just good for students and their individual success—it can change how and if a school receives funding. 

With better attendance, schools are more likely to receive important funding. 

Unite Your School Community Around Attendance

Implementing an integrated school communication system can help boost your fall attendance by cultivating more school-connectedness and engagement with families. Solutions like SchoolStatus automate attendance tracking and provide easily customizable reports and real-time data so educators and administrators can make informed decisions. A unified attendance and communication solution can unite the education community, from the district down to the classroom level.

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Using the right tools, we can help students feel more motivated to attend!

How to Solve Chronic Absenteeism in Your District shares strategies to boost attendance and create a supportive school community

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