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SchoolStatus Launches Integrated, Data-Driven K-12 Communications & Attendance Platform

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Unified platform features SchoolStatus Connect and SchoolStatus Attend to power more collaboration and engagement between families and educators 

Ridgeland, Mississippi – February 6, 2024 – SchoolStatus, a leader in K-12 data-driven solutions that empower student success, today announced the launch of its new K-12 student success platform. The user-friendly, fully-integrated platform features SchoolStatus Connect for personalized communications and SchoolStatus Attend for reducing chronic absenteeism, and empowers families, administrators, and educators with data and insights to drive positive student outcomes. 

Research consistently shows that when families and educators collaborate, students do significantly better in school. The new SchoolStatus platform is designed to enhance collaboration and family engagement through a centralized communications hub that makes it easier for districts to reach every family with relevant messaging to support better learning and attendance outcomes. The platform offers educators instant insight into the information they need for data-driven decision-making and removes barriers to access, such as technology and language. 

The SchoolStatus platform launched with solutions focused on school-home communications and attendance. Additional solutions will be introduced later this year. The platform includes:

  • SchoolStatus Attend: A data-driven attendance management solution that empowers educators with automatic attendance interventions and positive reinforcement that improve daily attendance and streamline administrative tasks to combat chronic absenteeism.The solution helps eliminate the need for tedious administrative processes through automated outreach using mailed letters and postcards as well as digital messages. Leveraging over 20 years of attendance management experience, SchoolStatus Attend can reduce attendance management workload by up to 75% while fostering a culture where students want to attend school.
  • SchoolStatus Connect: An easy-to-use, integrated communications hub that empowers educators, schools, and districts to establish more meaningful connections with each student’s family via auto-translated SMS text messages, email, newsletters, phone, video, and more. Educators can also access a holistic view of a student’s academic performance and contact history, including call recordings, to track progress in reaching and engaging families, all in the same place.

“Districts, educators, and families share the common goal of wanting students to thrive and the first step is having actionable data-driven insights to further propel student success and school-home connections. The combination of data and communication is a powerful catalyst for driving family engagement and, importantly, freeing up valuable time for educators,” said Russ Davis, SchoolStatus Founder and CEO. “We know that educators and families want better, easier ways to connect and engage with each other as they partner to help students get back on track academically and work to address absenteeism. Our new integrated communication and attendance solutions are designed to meet the needs of schools and educators, while keeping students’ families engaged, informed, and connected, and decreasing educators’ workload.”

Recently crossing four billion successful family-educator interactions, and with millions of users across all product lines throughout the U.S., SchoolStatus has helped tens of thousands of schools across the country increase the quality and frequency of school-family communications and combat chronic absenteeism. Its student-centered approach has driven meaningful results for thousands of districts across the United States.

“At San Marcos CISD, we seek out the best technology to support student achievement and promote positive school-home collaboration,” said Andrew Fernandez, Chief of Communications and Technology for San Marcos CISD. “Having access to a platform that offers a central, easy-to-use communications hub will make it easier for our educators and families to build strong partnerships to support students. The SchoolStatus student success platform will allow us to continue to enhance family communication and engagement by making connecting with our schools easier and more meaningful for families.”

News of the launch of the new SchoolStatus student success platform follows a year of strong company momentum, customer growth and validation, and prominent industry recognition. SchoolStatus was recently selected for a 2024 District Administration Top EdTech Product Award, a 2023 Supes’ Choice Award, and as a finalist for the ACE-ED 2023 Excellence in Equity Awards.

About SchoolStatus

SchoolStatus provides a comprehensive suite of communication and attendance solutions that enhance educator-to-family connectedness and support student success. Instant insight into student information and district attendance trends gives educators and administrators full visibility into all levels of the education ecosystem. Data-informed, multi-touch communications include calling, texting, video, and print materials centered around proactive intervention that improves student outcomes and family engagement. With millions of successful school-home interactions, SchoolStatus is improving student outcomes by facilitating meaningful engagement between educators, districts, and families across the U.S. For more information, visit

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SchoolStatus is a unified K-12 platform that enables districts and schools to engage more families and improve attendance with our easy-to-use communications hub and data-driven attendance solutions. We support an integrated and impactful educational experience, from district leadership to families at home. With more than two hundred million successful school-home interactions, and millions of users, SchoolStatus drives meaningful results for districts and schools across the US.
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