Manage your district’s mass messaging from a single platform

Send important updates such as special announcements, emergencies, or security threats to all your students, administrators, and staff immediately.

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Send notifications via email, call, or text

Make sure the right people in the district get the right message at the right time

Personalize how you send updates

Send district-wide notifications via email, call, or text. Allowing you to tailor your messaging based on the situation at hand.

Translate into over 100 languages

No need to hire a translator anymore – SchoolStatus does it for you This is especially useful during emergencies when everyone needs to be on the same page.

Schedule your messages

Keep your day-to-day workflow intact and schedule messages in advance, so parents receive them at the optimal time.

Target the right recipients

Filter who you'd like your updates to be sent to, whether for an impromptu meeting with administrators or alerting a grade level of a field trip change.

No need for an app

Parents don’t need to download any apps to message. With SchoolStatus they go straight to their phone or email.

Communicate urgency more effectively

When you write a message on Notify, you can tick the message as an "emergency". When recipients receive it, they'll be notified of the urgency.

See how SchoolStatus can help you build a strong parent-teacher relationship

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"Great communication tool for parent-teacher conversations. I like the ease with which I can contact parents using my own personal phone without giving out my personal number. I also like the student's contacts are readily available."

Abigail S, High School Teacher