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Learn more about how SchoolStatus can help achieve your district’s goals.

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Automate Attendance Interventions with SchoolStatus Attend

Reach students’ families with automated attendance intervention letters, saving up to 75% in time spent on interventions.

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Streamline School Communications with SchoolStatus Connect

Equip educators and administrators with the data and tools they need to create meaningful family engagement, reaching everyone in their preferred channel and language.

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Centralize Educator Development with SchoolStatus Boost

Provide a collaborative platform for guiding and documenting educator growth programs, coaching and observations.

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Save time with SchoolStatus Forms & Flows

Automate your school processes, create digital forms, and accept payments as an extension to SchoolStatus Connect.

Powering Schools Across the U.S.

Our families now feel that they're not alone. They know we want to talk with them.

Maureen Brown
Principal & Director of Outreach, Dove Schools of OKC

SchoolStatus Attend will help us set students on a better path by proactively engaging families in supporting good attendance habits.

Crystal Ybarra
Chief Equity, Diversity, and Engagement Officer at Santa Fe Public Schools

As an administrator, I want to make sure that if a kid's not there, I want my teachers to call the Families before we get a whole administrative intervention and counselors involved. And if all of your communication comes through SchoolStatus, which it does in my district, I can see it all—it’s all right there.

Chad Shealy
Superintendent Vicksburg Warren School District

Our ability to deliver targeted, data-driven, two-way communications in home languages is a game changer.

Matt Guilfoyle
Chief Information Officer, Prince William County Schools

What would have been a heavy lift for us became so much lighter for our teachers that they were able to reach out to 100% of our families the first week and that was our ultimate goal.

Dr. Carla J. Evers
Superintendent, Pass Christian Public Schools