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How an AMS Mitigates Lost Learning

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Mitigating learning lost during the pandemic has turned into an uphill battle for school districts. Not only are districts trying to figure out how to gauge what students have retained—and what they need more help with—but they also need to understand which programs and practices helped students make some strides in recovering lost academic ground.

According to the article “How Districts Are Using Assessments to Gauge ‘Learning Loss’—and Why Those Tests Fall Short” by Emma Kate Fittes, more and more districts are using assessments and tests to see how their strategies have been working on fighting lost learning. However, some of the downsides of this focus include: less teaching time and increased stress for students. 

There is another avenue that districts can take to see improvements and make up for their students’ lost learning by getting them back in the classroom now. That is through attendance management systems (AMS).

SchoolStatus Attend is the most effective way for a school district to tackle chronic absenteeism and help students return. The data-driven attendance management platform and processes provide automatic interventions and positive reinforcement to support student success, increase daily attendance, and reduce administrative overhead. 

By focusing on attendance, districts can ensure that students are putting in the hours to make up any ground they lost and then focus on their present and future learning. AMS also gives teachers a chance to directly improve academic outcomes and communicate directly with their families. 

2019 vs 2021

As an example, an urban district that is using SchoolStatus Attend has seen an increase of 122,040 days of instruction time by focusing on attendance. A rural district partner has seen an increase of 10,188 days. The data is clear that by getting students to school you exponentially increase their chances to get back on track academically.

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