Sending Announcements and Newsletters with SchoolStatus Connect

By Michael Egan 3 min

Sometimes you need to reach everyone in your district, school, or classroom — and it can’t wait. Whether it’s an announcement like a school closure or safety update, or a community-building message that celebrates student successes, it’s important to have a method to easily connect with multiple families at once

SchoolStatus Connect gives school staff, leaders, and educators a robust set of communications options to reach out to families. The platform’s one-to-one messaging options and audience segmentation tools are great for connecting with individual families. But there are even more ways to reach families through SchoolStatus Connect that can bring your school community closer, and allow you to inform families about vital information when it matters most.

In this blog, we’ll explore how school leaders and educators can send district- and school-wide announcements and engaging newsletters through SchoolStatus Connect. But first, take a look at this short video for a close look at how the platform works:

Announcements Keep Families Informed

Mass announcements are a key tool in a school’s communication toolkit. There are so many reasons to reach out to everyone in an entire school or district:

  • Announcing school closures due to weather or holidays
  • Reporting an incident that occurred on a school campus
  • Introducing a new teacher or celebrating a retirement
  • And so many more

Mass notifications can be easily segmented to target a specific audience from a drop-down menu, so you can message families in a specific school with relevant information. And SchoolStatus Connect lets you create and select messaging templates for your announcement, so you can create and standardize announcements without relying on copy and paste. You choose whether your audience can reply to the message or respond in a comment, giving you full control over how the school community can engage with your message

SchoolStatus Connect can be useful for district-internal communications as well. You can segment your message to staff for an easy way to share team updates and keep educators and staff up to date. 

Newsletters Help Families Get Involved

Whereas mass notifications are typically one-time messages for a specific purpose, a newsletter is a great way to create recurring outreach to families and give them a glimpse at what’s happening in school. There are many fun ways you can use newsletters:

  • Celebrate student successes
  • Share event updates and signup forms
  • Communicate classroom learning goals
  • And more

SchoolStatus Connect lets you send newsletters at the classroom, school, or district level. The platform comes with the teacher-approved Smore newsletter builder, which allows users to create beautiful newsletters with a drag-and-drop interface—no HTML or coding required. Whether it’s a specific classroom newsletter, or a school-wide bulletin, newsletters can help keep families and students informed and give them a recurring update on what’s happening at school.

Stay connected with SchoolStatus

There are so many ways that SchoolStatus Connect helps educators, families, and students to stay connected. If you’re interested in learning more about SchoolStatus Connect, we’d love to share. Chat with our team today for a free demo of the platform.

Michael Egan
Michael Egan is a Product Marketing Manager at SchoolStatus. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.
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