Sharing updates with families when school is in session is a no-brainer.

There are always school schedules and activities, lunch menus, due dates, and events to communicate. But what’s the use of messaging during summer break, when everyone is off? Even though students are taking a break from daily instruction, a strong school-home connection keeps them set up for success. Why? Because the more home adults are informed about what’s happening at school, the better they’re able to support their learners. Research shows that consistent school-home communication improves student outcomes across the board.

Keeping communications going over the summer actually helps reduce the summer slide! 

Getting the Strategy Right

Summer is about fun—so summer communications can be fun, too! Keep it visual, make summer memes, and share local tips like “best places to eat ice cream.” Make sure to pair visuals with text, since translation features don’t work with visuals. This brings up a key point: for summer communications to make a difference, they must be translatable. 

Whether it’s a newsletter, two-way text messaging, or simply sharing a form, families need to be able to access information in their preferred language.

Always Have an Eye on Back-to-School

Fun fact: 57% of families say back-to-school is their most stressful time of year, even more than the holidays!

A smart summer communications strategy will help relieve anxiety and enable first-day readiness. And when families and students know someone cares, they’re more likely to come to school. 

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Dr. Kara Stern began her career as an ELA teacher, then shifted into administration as a middle school principal. Dr. Stern is a fervent advocate for equitable communication and family engagement. She spent five years as Executive Director at Math for America, where she designed the professional learning community that exists to this day. An unexpected move to Tel Aviv launched her into the world of EdTech where she became the Director of Education Content for Smore and then the Head of Content at SchoolStatus. Outside of work, she indulges her love for reading, devouring two novels weekly, with a particular fondness for heists and spy stories.
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