Why PowerSchool Districts Choose SchoolStatus for Data Analysis

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PowerSchool serves a variety of roles and features a detailed view of grades and attendance. For an integrated view of all student and district data, many PowerSchool districts use SchoolStatus.

SchoolStatus takes all the data collected in PowerSchool and combines it with student data from benchmark packages, assessment packages, Renaissance, Dibels, DRC Insight, and any other student data silos that your district uses today, or may use in the future. 

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"PowerSchool and SchoolStatus both provide us with different opportunities to look at information about our students,” says Instructional Technology Specialist Sarah Knight. “Where PowerSchool offers demographic, attendance, discipline, and academics–we can look at the greater picture in SchoolStatus because it's not only syncing information from PowerSchool but it's also syncing information from other assessment systems and systems that we use for instruction to collect data about student achievement.”

Educators log into SchoolStatus to view attendance trends, do risk analysis, equity audits, analyze assessment scores, and more. Data analysis is easy not only on a district level but all the way down to the individual student.

From the same SchoolStatus log-in, teachers and administrators send texts and emails, make phone calls, and soon will be video-chatting all with automatic recording and logging. 

The PowerSchool parent portal is an excellent tool for parents to be able to find information specific to their child. For the other camp of parents who rely on the teachers and schools to push information out to them, SchoolStatus communication tools and data access are a huge time saver for bridging the gap between school and home. All communication made with SchoolStatus is delivered directly to a parent’s existing text and calling apps on their phones–no new app required.

Communication metrics in SchoolStatus allow administrators to see where more parent contact should be happening. Comprehensive records provide full transparency for any questionable situations.

"All of the information is in one place,” says Tuscaloosa County Schools Principal Benjamin White. “As an administrator, I can see the communication between my staff and parents.”

Being able to view text message and phone call content alongside attendance issues and disciplinary actions is a game-changer for administrators. “It decreases the time I spend solving complaints or other questions from parents when I can see 'straight from the horse's mouth' what has been said."

No other solution in K12 education makes student data and communication work together for meaningful relationship building with the parent community. 

SchoolStatus has been working with districts in Alabama since 2015. Large districts such as Tuscaloosa Public School District as well as smaller districts such as Barbour County School District and Chickasaw City School District enjoy the data analytics and parent communication SchoolStatus provides.

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“I love that SchoolStatus is multifaceted and that you can text, call or email parents or guardians,” says Knight. “Then you have the transcript or call recording as historical data of that communication to use in the future to refer to as a student progresses through their career in the school district.”

The combination of data and communication is growing in K12 solutions. Unified communication informed by data analytics makes sense for busy educators.

“SchoolStatus is a one-stop-shop for communication,” says Knight. “It's great for administrators and great for teachers. You can look at all elements of a student's life in your school district and have that information right at your fingertips while you're communicating with a parent or guardian.”


To learn more about SchoolStatus data analytics check out:

HubSpot Video

Sarah Knight is an Instructional Technology Specialist at Nixa Public Schools in Nixa, Missouri. 

Benjamin White is a Principal at Cottondale Elementary School in Tuscaloosa County School System.

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