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SchoolStatus Launches New Solution for Educator Development

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SchoolStatus Boost, the latest addition to the company’s unified K-12 success platform, promotes educator growth through customized, collaborative development programs  

Ridgeland, Mississippi—April 16, 2024—SchoolStatus, a leader in K-12 data-driven solutions that empower student success, announced the launch of SchoolStatus Boost, a collaborative platform for guiding and documenting equitable professional growth programs for educators, via goal-setting, coaching, and observations, to support schools in improving educators’ career growth and student success. 

SchoolStatus Boost is the latest addition to the new SchoolStatus K-12 success platform, a user-friendly, fully integrated platform that includes SchoolStatus Connect for personalized communications and SchoolStatus Attend for attendance management. Together they empower families, administrators, and educators with data-driven insights for positive growth and student outcomes.

With SchoolStatus Boost, K-12 school districts can promote educator growth through customized, collaborative development platform using: 

  • Intuitive tools to record observation notes and provide timely, actionable feedback while saving ½ a day per week in paperwork
  • Centralized observation notes and rubric data customized for the district’s needs
  • Educator-driven goal-setting and documenting evidence portfolios that enable them to feel supported by their administrators
  • District and school level data-views to allow leaders to identify trends and opportunities for additional development

“The most important people in a student’s educational journey are their educators. Our team wants to ensure that we are supporting educators so that they feel appreciated by their employer and are able to grow in their career,” said Russ Davis, SchoolStatus Founder and CEO. “It is critical that we invest in our educators through an educator-centric career growth platform, such as SchoolStatus Boost. We will always applaud the work of educators and continue to create ways to support them.”

“Educators today are juggling many priorities within a limited amount of time. They’re working hard to provide the best instruction they can for all students, to connect with families, and to grow in their instructional practices. The influence teachers have on students’ educational journeys can’t be overstated—so any opportunity we have to save them time directly impacts classroom instruction. SchoolStatus Boost helps us support educators’ growth based on transparent collaboration and goal tracking that also meets state requirements. And that ultimately results in better outcomes for students and our school community. Our mission statement emphasizes a commitment to lifelong learning. Our partnership with SchoolStatus Boost greatly supports that mission,” said Patrick Burns, Principal, Robert A. Van Wyck M.S. 217Q.

For more information on SchoolStatus Boost, SchoolStatus Connect, and SchoolStatus Attend, visit www.schoolstatus.com.

About SchoolStatus

SchoolStatus provides a comprehensive suite of communication and attendance solutions that enhance educator-to-family connectedness and support student success. Instant insight into student information and district attendance trends gives educators and administrators full visibility into all levels of the education ecosystem. Data-informed, multi-touch communications include calling, texting, video, and print materials centered around proactive intervention that improves student outcomes and family engagement. With millions of successful school-home interactions, SchoolStatus is improving student achievement by facilitating meaningful engagement between educators, districts, and families across the U.S. For more information, visit schoolstatus.com.

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SchoolStatus is a unified K-12 platform that enables districts and schools to engage more families and improve attendance with our easy-to-use communications hub and data-driven attendance solutions. We support an integrated and impactful educational experience, from district leadership to families at home. With more than two hundred million successful school-home interactions, and millions of users, SchoolStatus drives meaningful results for districts and schools across the US.
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