Get confident in making district-wide decisions. With all your district’s data in one place

Query all your district’s data on teacher attendance, student discipline, and more to find areas your district can improve in.

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Send notifications via email, call, or text

Access all district data together, in one place

The right data at every level

With SchoolStatus school districts understand how all of their types of student data work together to provide a more holistic view at every level

Visualizations and actionable insight

Build reports and get the right data for each situation. Go deep or take a quick look so you’re never on the back foot

All message and call data in one place

No need for parents or teachers to download any extra apps. All communication happens in SchoolStatus so you’ve got an auditable trail

Every data source, side by side

Student Information System, Attendance and Disciple programs, Learning Management System, State & Local Assessments, Benchmarks, and Communication metrics. All integrated into an easy to use system.

Start using data to help you reach your district goals faster

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I love that I can text parents when it may be inconvenient to call. I also love that there is a record of engagement history to access past communication with parents. Being able to search for assessment results is also great.”

Brittany V, School Counselor