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It’s a new school year and a new opportunity to make a difference in the lives of your students. SchoolStatus is here to help you promote student success in your classroom by helping you make data-driven, 1:1 communication with parents and guardians.

"I want to welcome back our educators for another great year. This is our favorite time of year and I hope you'll reach out if we can be of service." –Russ Davis, Founder and CEO

Have any questions? Check out our Learning Lab or contact our 24/7 help desk by chattingwith us in your SchoolStatus account, emailing, or calling us at 1-855-9-STATUS. We are here for you!

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A syllabus is not enough. 

The key to student success is having parents actively (and continuously) invested in your classroom activities. Sometimes a syllabus or rubric sent home at the beginning of the semester is not enough to keep parents updated and involved. This month’s User Spotlight, Jenn Tynes, knows exactly how significant parent involvement is in the Poplarville School District. Jenn uses SchoolStatus to build strong relationships with parents by updating them every single week on assignments and activities in her classroom.

“SchoolStatus has tremendously increased my parent/teacher interactions. Because of its easily accessible app and texting feature, I am able to immediately notify parents with reminders of upcoming events, schedule conferences, and text positive praise messages. Teachers in our school district each send a weekly text alert to all parents to keep them aware of weekly happenings and assignments in our classroom.”

Between texts, calls, emails, and video chats, SchoolStatus provides all of the communication tools you need to make success possible this semester. Need a “new year” resolution? Let Jenn Tynes be your inspiration and use SchoolStatus today to promote parent involvement.


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Did you know that 89% of people say video conferencing helps them feel connected to the people they care about? The truth is, parents and educators are busy and trying to schedule face-to-face meetings can feel like an impossible task. That’s why we offer SchoolStatus Video Chat! Meet parents around both of your busy schedules with 1:1 video conferencing. Like all of our communication features, your video chats are logged and recorded so you have the ability to go back and review all meetings.

 Make your IEP meetings easier. Have those parent/teacher conferences at a time that works best for everyone. Contact us to see what a Video Chat quote would look like for your school or district today! 

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Over the last few years, educators have had to combat Covid-era learning loss in their classrooms. While the pandemic affected all students in different ways, ELL (English Language Learners) students were hit the hardest in terms of learning loss. A new school year is a great time to focus on supporting ELL students so they have all of the tools they need to succeed.

Read this latest article from eSchool News, where our founder and CEO Russ Davis, discusses strategies for supporting ELL students in your classroom for long-term student success.

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Teachers are always busy and the day-to-day stress of classroom management, lesson planning, and parent engagement can be overwhelming. For districts to succeed, administrators must focus on supporting their educators in order to avoid teacher burnout.  

Listen to the Leader of Learning Podcast, episode 108, where SchoolStatus Director of Customer Success Leslie Ortego discusses why teacher support is so important and how the latest tools in Ed Tech are available to help teachers manage their days, delegate tasks, and remove major stressors from the classroom.


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It’s been a while, but your whole district is back together! How did your school or district celebrate the new school year with your students? Did you create a back-to-school video? Dress the hallways up in a fun theme? We want to see how you welcomed the new year! 

Tweet us your pictures, videos, etc to @SchoolStatusApp so we can show the world how you are celebrating the back-to-school season. A winner will be chosen at random and sent a SchoolStatus prize pack to start the year off on the right foot!


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Did you know that our Learning Lab is in the middle of a big makeover? Our Educator Training Manager, Abby Karasewski, has been hard at work updating tutorials on all things SchoolStatus.

Check out the latest addition to the Learning Lab, “Level 2 - Deeper Dive into SchoolStatus” to up your communication game!

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It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned pro or a new kid on the block, Webinar Wednesday is here for everyone. Join us for our 15-minute SchoolStatus Refresher series, hosted live every Wednesday, where you can learn the ins and outs of SchoolStatus.

August 24: Avoid He Said/She Said with Call, Text, Email, and Video (8am,12pm,3:30pm)

August 31: Do you know your at risk students? (8am12pm3:30pm)

September 7: The Learning Lab(8am,12pm,3:30pm)


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The beginning of a new school year means there is ample opportunity for educators to reevaluate their lesson plans. What worked last year? What can be improved? What tricks and tips can help students better succeed in your classroom? 

 One of the best places to start is homework. According to recent studies, homework overload is doing more harm than good for middle and high school students. Listen to Episode 225 of Class Dismissed for strategies on how to manage homework assignments and some inventive alternatives.

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SchoolStatus continues to grow! Have you heard that we just welcomed our new Chief Revenue Officer? We are excited for you to meet the latest member of our team, Phil Charland. 

 "I'm honored to have recently joined the SchoolStatus team. I've spent my career working in education, starting as a classroom teacher over 20 years ago, and spending most of my career with other leading educational technology companies. Outside of work, I keep busy with my three children, daughter Avery (13), and sons Tyler (12) and Finn (22 months). I enjoy being active and spending time outdoors, whether mountain biking, hiking, or watching my two oldest play sports. I wish you all a smooth start to the new school year!"

Want to be our NEXT employee spotlight? Check out our list of career postings today and see if SchoolStatus is a good fit for you and your career goals!



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