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SchoolStatus is all about student success, but we like to help your district stay healthy too!

Fall activities are in full force, but so is the spread of germs, injuries on the playground, and every day bumps and bruises. We know you are grateful for your school nurses and we are even more grateful for Stephanie Alaniz, nurse supervisor from Escambia County Schools. Nurse Alaniz knows that SchoolStatus is not only important for student success, but also when everyday accidents or illnesses occur at school.

"SchoolStatus has given school nurses an avenue of communication with parents we have never had before. During clinic hours we are not always able to reach parents on the phone in a timely manner but we have found with the texting capabilities of SchoolStatus we are able to have two-way communication with parents without adding delays in the clinic... I like knowing that when I send information it is delivered directly to parents, decreasing the chance of it getting misplaced or forgotten.”


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It’s the beginning of a new school year and the perfect time to contact parents. Have you looked at your engagement metrics yet? SchoolStatus tracks every time educators contact a parent. It doesn’t matter if it’s a call, text, email, or video chats, you can view all those conversations under "Engagement."

Check out your engagement metrics today! It’s a great time to take a peek at how often communication is happening. There's no time like the present to set personal or district-wide communication goals! The more engagement with parents, the more opportunities students have to succeed.


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Did you know that instructional coaching has proven to be the single best strategy to improve teacher practice, yet the commitment to coaching varies greatly and the methodologies are inconsistent and often ineffective? 

The new Coaching Impact Report is designed to shed light on the practices, tools, and trends driving instructional coaching across the country. The report highlights the bright spots and growth areas that district and instructional leaders need to consider when building a successful, sustainable coaching program.


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Andrew Fernandez, Chief of Communications at San Marcos CISD, had great things to say about using SchoolStatus in the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD). 

Check out this highlight is ASCD to see how educators at San Marcos CISD breakdown communication barriers with parents every single day using SchoolStatus.


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Are you an administrator knee deep in teacher observations? We have you covered with TeachBoost 101. Join us for one of our 45 minute TeachBoost 101 webinars where you will learn everything you need to know about getting started with TeachBoost Pro. 

Not a current TeachBoost customer? Well, why not? Join thousands of administrators who use TeachBoost to streamline observations to free up time to focus on getting their teams high-impact feedback. Contact us for a quote, or join us for TeachBoost 101 to see what all of excitement is about.


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Last month, we asked you to tweet us your back-to-school videos and photos so everyone at SchoolStatus could see all of the excitement! We’ve loved seeing your tweets so much that we are extending the challenge through September 30th. Show us your classroom! Let us see those smiling faces ready for the new school year! 

If you tweet us, you will be entered to win one of our prize packs filled with enough swag to show off your SchoolStatus love!


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Our SchoolStatus Refresher Series may be over, but our regular Webinar Wednesdays are just getting started. Join us for a new lineup of topics to help you get through the fall and make a difference in the lives of your students.

October 12: Keep your SchoolStatus Squeaky Clean: Account Maintenance for SPOCs

November 15: Please Leave a Message after the Beep: How to Engage with Disengaged Parents


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Why didn’t we learn about this in school? For previous generations, information about personal finances, how to file taxes, or balance bank accounts had to be self-or family-taught. However, many students and districts are asking for that to change by giving some classrooms an economics makeover.

Listen to Class Dismissed, Episode 227 for a discussion on economics and what problems some teachers and districts face when it comes to teaching students how to manage their future finances.


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SchoolStatus is growing, and we’ve welcomed a new face to our Customer Success team. Meet Customer Success Manager, Dayna Heller!. She’s here to make sure you get the most out of your SchoolStatus account.

I’m thrilled to join the team at SchoolStatus! I’m coming directly from the classroom in Chicago where I was a special education teacher for the past ten years, and I am excited to now be able to work with districts, administrators, and educators across the country to improve school to home communication. I love traveling with my husband, cuddling with my two cats, and cheering on my team, the New York Mets. I can’t wait to partner with you all to make this a successful school year!

Want to be our NEXT Employee Spotlight? Check out our list of career postings today and see if SchoolStatus is a good fit for you and your career goals!


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